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Best Quality Pet Food & Pet Supplement

Zai Pet uses advanced technology and well-researched ingredients in products to develop our products. All we want is to provide the cheapest and the best quality products for all the pet owners!

We are pet lovers.

We are committed to bringing the best pet products to your furry loved ones.

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Our mission is to treat your pets as our family, 

we want what’s best for your pets.


Our vision is to provide the cheapest and the best quality products for pet owners so they have the ability to purchase the products for their beloved pets.

Our products meet the quality stantards as fresh ingredients are mainly used in the process. We ensure that our products are safe for consumption.

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for a healthy and happy pet. We use the advanced technology and the most natural fresh raw materials to create the ''pet natural food and pet health products'' which meet the needs of our beloved pets.

Our food is made without artificial preservatives but stays fresh due to a very low moisture content. So, basically they  have an expiration of 18 months from date of manufacture.


Our food is made with fresh, 100% human-grade ingredients. We use the ingredients that are derived from plants, animals and minerals in our recipes. Zai pet food contains no artificial preservatives or colours. 

Feeding your pet with our products, we are sure that you will see a great impact on your pet’s health. Your pets will become more energy and less allergies. Not only that, our supplements can boost their immune system and improve their skin and coat.

Just store the products in a dry area away from sunlight. That’s it!

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